Upgrade Your Productivity, Make A Schedule


Take a little time at the end of every day to set yourself up for success for the next day. Scheduling out your day is a simple and effective way to make sure you wake up and hit the ground running. I have been doing this simple life hack for about 3 months now, and the difference it makes is immediately noticeable. So as we all try and make 2021 our year, give this a shot, schedule out your day, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in 24 hours.

New year new me, right? As we reach the halfway point of January, it’s easy to lose track of those new years resolutions you set, but never too late to keep the ball rolling. Staying on top of tasks and conquering each day is something that everyone can say they want to do, but it is much easier said than done. Everyone has some tricks up their sleeves to help them stay focused and work hard, and I am here to give you one more simple upgrade — schedule out your day. It may sound a little old-manish of an idea, but I promise you it works, and is a lot easier than it seems.

Instead of seeing this as a schedule, consider it more of a train track guiding you from wake up to bed time. These train tracks keep you focused, always knowing what to get done next. By having this on hand throughout the day, it leaves out the possibility of procrastinating and wasting time that could otherwise be used to accomplish a short task. Having your entire days’ worth of tasks written out may seem a little overwhelming at first, but you’ll be surprised to see how long 24 hours actually is. And don’t get too stressed if your day doesn’t go exactly how you scheduled it. Perhaps you had scheduled in lunch at noon but something pops up that you have to get done first, don’t get too worked up over these problems. This hack is here to make life run smoother, not create more stress than we already have in the World.

Just because this is a ‘schedule’ doesn’t mean it has to be all work. Be sure to schedule out some down time. By having your busy hours written out, you can see the time you have to yourself. We all have those personal hobbies that we can rarely find time for. If you’re always busy and struggling to find time to read a book, paint, watch tv, or do whatever you want, give this a shot and you’ll be surprised by the little pockets of time that you are able to find. As a matter of fact, make it an effort to squeeze in this downtime, if from 8 am to 1 pm you have a long list of things to do, schedule in 30 minutes from 1–1:30 for personal time. And I can promise you there is no better feeling than writing down the word ‘nap’… except for maybe the nap itself.

An important piece to this is to make sure you do this in writing, not on your phone. Though technology is there to make life easier for us, just like scheduling your day, it is still an easy thing to get lost in. If you’re going to check what’s next on your schedule, you could quickly get sidetracked by checking Instagram or Twitter. Having your schedule written down takes out that possibility. The night before take a moment to sit down and write out your next day. Then when that day comes, carry it with you in your pocket.

To make this more of a fun routine, you can add an artistic flare. If you have that artistic side, make your schedule more aesthetic. While writing out your day try also adding in a few drawings. If you plan on eating lunch at 12:30, write that down and draw a little avocado next to it, or add some flowers or any design in the corners of the paper. This makes it more personal and lighthearted, and now when you pull it out of your pocket you get a little sense of joy. I don’t have many drawing skills, but I do always write out my schedule on a thick notecard with some kind of colored marker. The note card is not only easy to carry around, but the heft of it makes it feel more official, and the colored marker really makes ‘go to class’ have a little more pop. There’s many ways to go about making your schedule fun, from drawings to color coordination, find what you enjoy.

Like many of our New Year resolutions, this one takes some commitment, but the feeling of accomplishment you get everyday makes it addicting. So now is the time to get things done, upgrade your productivity, and conquer the year.

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